Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Show

A cheerful sight for eyes that have been viewing the greige winter landscape for the past many months!

The colorful tulip displays belong to British garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith, and I intend to adopt a few of his ideas! I usually prefer a mass of one color- color blocks (as above) in the garden, but here below the combination of tulip varieties is lively and light-hearted.

Even though we are in the suburb, we still have hungry deer who forage on my just-about-to-bloom flowers- grrrr! These cloches look like a great idea for those special times that you want protection. ;]

When I read this article in House and Garden, I decided that this will be my fall project: instead of having rather bland containers sitting around all winter, I will plant them with tulip bulbs and wait for the spring show to begin.

As soon as the tulips do bloom, I'll show you how to properly insure that you have blooms for the following year. (Assuming that the critters don't feast first!)

[via, photos by Marianne Majerus]


  1. Just beautiful, Annie! I love tulips, great huge masses of them, but they don't last long enough, do they? Poor little deer. What will they eat? Can you blame them for loving fresh new baby shoots? :) :) :) :) 's

  2. Just love the masses of tulips. Definitely a welcomed change in the landscape. Beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend! Angela

  3. Dear Annie, I love the picture of the many tulip varieties. My favorite tulip is the Rembrandt Tulip... I knew an old gentleman, an expert gardener who pulled the tulip bulbs (after they finished blooming) and laid them out on the cement in a sunny, out-of-the-way spot. They were then replanted in the Fall. This way they were able to "mature" and bloom again the following year.



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