Tuesday, April 19, 2011


lives in these glowing colors!

 Loving this painting that resides in the home of The Lowercase's owners, Tessa and Michael Bautovich, in Sydney, Australia. I wish I knew who the artist was.

Did I say that these are my colors!

Laila, of Harmoni & Kontrast, has a great eye for color and composition. 

I like this room's color combination in Charlotte Moss' new book, Charlotte Moss Decorates.

And Karin, from La Pouyette, lives in a bucolic area of France where she tends to her magnificent gardens. Aren't these tulips to die for?



  1. Beautiful painting Ann! Fresh colors and very joyful.

    Thank you so much for showing my tulips! Will try to find out the name for you.

    As soon as I'm able to create links I'll mention you on my blog, still not very 'friendly' with the 'computer-language', not one of my talents!

  2. I love you colors :) You definitely know how to dress yourself in the finest :) XO, Kelly

  3. Dear Ann, I love the colors and especially the wall in the second photograph. Actually, I love all of your photographs, they must be my favorite colors as well.



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