Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Moment

Having been honored by three women whom I greatly admire, it is time that I acknowledge their generosity.

My first thank you goes to Gina, of Art and Alfalfa, for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award. Gina lives in the middle of the beautiful countryside of Utah and has built a home with her husband that is truly her palace. She is multi-talented and has not only pursued her dreams of painting, but is also a cook extraordinaire. I hope to spend time with her, taking a class or two and absorbing her talents.

My second thank you goes to a new blogger from Scotland. Cait Whitson, of Carte Blanche, awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. Cait is an extremely talented (and somewhat modest) decorative painter whose work will blow you away. She especially excels at marbling and woodgraining. Check out her talents here and here. Occasionally she graces the U.S. with her classes and also teaches at her studio in Scotland.

My third thank you goes to the uber chic Marsha over at Splenderosa for awarding me a Beautiful Blog Award.  Marsha is our resident style maven. If I ever have the chance to meet Marsha in person, I will need to first get a complete style makeover! She would just slowly shake her head in sadness if she saw how I am usually dressed- with either garden soil or paint on my clothes. I smile every time I visit Splenderosa. Where does she find those fabulous clothes? And have you seen her jewelry? I have and it is addicting! Here is what Marsha has chosen for tomorrow's royal wedding attire. 

With that said, I will go prepare for my beautiful daughter's visit that begins today. Since we were not issued a real invitation to the royal wedding, we decided to watch the festivities together instead and I must get ready! 

I count myself among the lucky ones to have friends all over the world like you. The sky is the limit!



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