Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Dutch Royal Unveiling

For all of you lovers of gilding and gold leaf, the Dutch Royal Palace (opened in 1655 as the Town Hall) in Amsterdam will soon be unveiling the royal restoration of its marble and stone facade. Here are a few photos of the restoration in progress of the tympanum, the triangular shaped section at the center top. 

The Before

 The Royal Palace in the heart of Amsterdam

 Wow! What a difference!

 The gilded garland...

needed to be cleaned, restored...

and gilded in the studio. (I always like to look around the studio- pretty neat!)

The marble being cleaned...

 and restored, here with a new nose.


Notice the prep work- the item to be gilded first receives either gesso and yellow (or red) bole or yellow paint, to give the gold leaf more depth when it is applied.

If you ever have the chance to visit the Netherlands, mid-April is the perfect time to see the breathtaking tulip and hyacinth fields. Simply amazing, even from your airplane seat!

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  1. My goodness.. these sculptures are wonderful.. I love their full rubenesque feel [for want of a better description].. and you know I love the before as well as the after..

    These photos are quite special.. as even if we did get to Amsterdam.. we are never going to see this .. this close!!!! thanks so much for showing us these..

    Hope you are having a lovely week.. and thanks for your sweet comments.. ciao xxxx Julie

  2. Wow!! what great photos! Would love to see this in person and yes I too love to look around others studios.

  3. Thanks for posting this -- fascinating to see the work!

  4. Hu Annie what a fascinating video thankyou MOST enjoyable fay x



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