Monday, April 4, 2011

200 and counting!

After more than six months of daily posting, today is my 200th post!

Blogging has been a fun, thought provoking journey for me and I am grateful for all of the wonderful friends that I have made along the way.

I actually started out with another blog, Rose et Lis, but gave that up at the end of 2010. Rose et Lis is still available to visit. Here are a few of the most visited posts there. 
The Truth About Lacquered Walls:

My favorite subject, besides my garden, has to be Mariano Fortuny. I have included posts several times here and there.

Schizzo per la decorazione dell'atelier dell'artista a Venezia

Some of my most read posts here at PlumSiena are Lucky Blue Find

and Kitchen Makeover Complete.

Some of my favorite images have been from Amazing Medieval Copper with the copper patinas...

and from Check out this Door with its beautiful wood.

Here's to looking forward!

Please join me!


  1. Čestitam!!!!
    200 postova, bravo...

  2. Congratulations on your 200th post!

  3. 200 post, way to go!

    I so love your groin ceiling work! I've added your classes to my 2011 wish list.

    Thank you for a wonderful blog.

  4. Annie, Congratulations on your 200th post. That's quite a fete. I love following you and am glad we have become friends. Here's to 200 more! Mona

  5. Hi Annie
    I actually loved Rose e Lis.. but love visiting here too... and posting everyday!! wow.. that is an accomplishment in itself!!!

    My favourite was the vault ceilings.. i remember being wowed by them.. which i still am!! fabulous..

    Thanks for the very kind blog birthday wishes... and congrats on your 200 posts!!! Have a great week ciao xxx Julie

  6. aaawww.. Congrats on your 200th post.. You've got a gorgeous blog.. Hope to see you at Colours Dekor sometimes!! Have a lovely weekend!



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