Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something to Consider

If I had the right sized out building, I would definitely consider following interior designer Wendy Vallerie's idea of a green roof. 

Pansies in spring, geraniums in summer. Hey, why not?

[via, photo by Michael Partenio]


  1. My heart is already beginning to flower........
    Adorable image:-)))*


  2. I wouldn't mind having a green roof either, it's lovely!

  3. I can already see my husband rolling his eyes when I show him another "gotta have this", but this is too sweet! Love it.

    I wonder what you use as a base to avoid it rotting through.

  4. How gorgeous is that... I'd like any sized out building hehe

    Thanks for the kind comments Ann.. You know the shadows on the shells were pretty much as I captured them.. but of course i've given the beach shots a once over..

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie



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