Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Purple Perches

Lately I have been noticing lots of purple, the new neutral?

Especially covering a comfy couch, it looks great paired with white, cream, taupe and greige.

Love it with jolts of red and lavender.

This lush purple velvet-covered chair 
looks perfect for burrowing into with a good book.

Would you do purple?



  1. Annie, I thought no one on earth had a purple sofa except my husband, very nice pieces he had when I married him. You are right thinking of the red. I use red & gold in the fall/winter and then pink/gold for summer and it works out wonderfully. I've loved your rrecent posts, especially the one about the Houston artist. xx's

  2. YES! I have always loved that combo as well. They are such rich, regal and commanding colors. Absolutely wonderful inspirations here :)



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