Friday, March 4, 2011

Emery & Cie

I've long admired Emery & Cie wallpapers and wish they were available stateside. 

Emery & Cie is the brainchild of Agnes Emery, with the main store and warehouse in Brussels, and also stores in London, Paris and Antwerp.

The wallpapers are created with rag paper that is still hand-fashioned by craftsmen in India using the techniques passed down for generations.  

They offer paper "panels" which are square sheets that are placed together on the wall.

They also produce panels that are custom sized and simply exquisite.

Emery & Cie also produces intricate "transfers", which are motifs in panels which literally stick on the wall.

Along with their paints and fabrics, the color spectrum is fabulous.

Loving this gold panel used as the headboard!

Emery & Cie also offers tiles, fabrics and rugs.

I appreciate companies who support craftsmen and are proud to sell materials that reveal the human hand with their variations and imperfections. After all, isn't it those irregularities that bring the materials to life?

Are you one who prefers perfection or do you not mind those irregularities



  1. Annie, where do you find all these beautiful things to show us. I am in love with the colors &'s inspirational.

  2. I love a good wall treatment! I have been wanting wall paper in our hallway upstairs. I used to be all about perfection, now the pendulum is swinging the other way for me! I always like a little of both and there is lots of gray area in my world :) Beautiful post Annie XOXO



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