Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Melanie Millar

I happen to love designs created with swirls and curves. They are often called arabesques, having been often used in Islamic art and later in Renaissance art. When I see these designs, I am immediately drawn to them. And so it went when I saw this painting by Melanie Millar.

Melanie is a Houston based artist. Focusing on the delicate beauty of the arabesque, Melanie has created a series of works that were inspired by her love of ornamental ironwork.

Her medium is oil on canvas. Working on several canvases at one time, she transfers the ironwork motifs using hand-cut stencils and thin layers of oil glaze. Up to twenty layers of glaze and design patterns may be added to each creation.

Besides her graceful applications of gold and silver, I also admire her subtle combinations of colour.

Visit Melanie's website here to discover more of her work.



  1. I spent a good 10 minutes today looking for this blog. I even google plum siena. My sidebar keeps plugging me into the old one and I am sure I changed that! Guess I have to do it again. I'm driving myself crazy! Anyway, great minds think alike and I am so glad (almost uncanny) that just a couple hours later, you leave me an email so I link back up. Thank you for always stopping by and saying hello. From amazing talents like yourself, that means the world to me! As for this post, I am loving the pink version right now. Ask me a different day and I might want to hang the one with yellow :) Lovely, all of them! XO

  2. Love this work, the build up of colour is so subtle. The tiles are great, they leave you wondering how well they fit together.



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