Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Electric Flower: the Clivia

Talk about making a statement:
our clivia is in full bloom right now.

At night:

The intensity of the florets' color reminds me of Charlotte's Locks, one of Farrow and Ball's new paint colors.



  1. Oh my goodness! That is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. Is there anything you can't do?
    Did you get my E-mail about a spring gardening guest post? i never heard from you?

  2. OOOOH! Lovely your pretty, PRETTY pictures! I love that you know the name of that flower too :) Awesome! XO, Kelly

  3. It si lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Hi Ann
    The flowers are gorgeous.. but my attention is drawn to the walls behind.. your handiwork too?? just beautiful!!!

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Dear Ann, Beautiful plant and fabulously photographed. Please tell us more about the wall in the background.

  6. Hello all!

    Regarding the wall behind the clivia plant:
    you are actually seeing part of two sections of an antique 3-part screen. I showed photos of it here at my other blog last year:

    It is one of my favorite possessions and inspires me every day! Thanks for asking!




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