Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a Wall!

Sharing with you one of the coolest walls I have ever seen. It was done by a decorative artist In England named Emily, but I have not been able to locate her most recent contact information.
The artist's name is Emily Swift-Jones. You can view her work at her website here or at her new blog here. (Thank you, Cait!)

She began with a normal, painted wall, smoothed it out with joint compound, primed with shellac and then went to town. The steps included Dutch metal gold leaf, patinating the gold leaf, glazing with oil colours and varnishing for the top coat. At the end, she embedded tiny glitter flakes into the tacky varnish.

Isn't it fabulous?



  1. YES!! fabulous is an understatement, its gorgeous!!!

  2. My good friend Emily Swift Jones...isn't it wonderful!!!
    her new blog which is more her art work is here
    I'll go get her over here...hold on

  3. Wow...what a canvas! Love how the copper pillows in the foreground work with it. Very nice. Merci! Trish

  4. You are right Annie, that is the most fabulous wall I have seen. Would be fun to duplicate. Love the glitter flakes.

  5. Oh good- Cait, I knew you would have the info. I almost said "Cait, are you out there?"

    I'll edit the post...

    Thanks, Annie

  6. I have sent the link to this post to Emily....hopefully she should ride on in in a bit...I am tempted to say leave it as it is till she sees it

  7. well Cait, I don't know where you sent the mail, but it didn't turn up :(
    Hi Annie, I'm glad you like the wall. I did it for a friend and I've had the pleasure of watching the patination process over the years, but the house is to be sold in the next month so that peice could well end up under a coat of paint!

    1. I hope not Emily. Seems to me a major selling feature of this house!

  8. Can anyone share step by step procedure for this wall?

  9. Shpatel98:
    I described the artist's procedure as much as one can without actually doing it. Give it a try- I bet it would be fun to do!

  10. Je suis très heureuse de vous découvrir, c'est en cherchant des photos de la maison "Fortuny" que j'ai vu votre commentaire et qu'il m'a donné envie de vous connaitre mieux. Je ne sais pas si vous avez un profil Facebook, mais si c'est le cas vous comprendrez pourquoi j'insiste pour que vous visitiez mes pages: Elise Valdorcia, Elise Valdorcia&patina et elise valdocia's Company.
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  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi again
    it's amazing how many times I've found these images reposted, especially through the wonder of Pinterest. My website is now I gave up Aurum Design a few years ago now when I finally retired from specialist decorating to become a full time artist. I'm afraid I haven't been very good at keepig my blog up to date except for major events like. x



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