Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vervoordt's New Book

Axel Vervoordt's much anticipated new book, Wabi Inspirations, is just out. While it is not the garden variety design book (as if anything by Mr. Vervoordt could be), it is a fascinating peek into the essence of Axel Vervoordt and how he has evolved as a person and an artist.

Wabi was borrowed from a Japanese expression that denotes finding beauty in the most humble of objects.

Mr. Vervoordt explains the influence of his love for the beauty found in nature and its little treasure: pebbles, pieces of wood, objets trouves. His belief "that all beauty is imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent" has carried through his evolution in design.

He has been most influenced by the Asian aesthetic ideals. His friendship and later collaboration with Japanese architect, Tatsuro Miki, has helped him to refine his approach to work and architecture- called Wabi.

His home and designs reflect an unconventional beauty.

Every aspect is deliberately imperfect. Natural materials are used throughout: boards that are bare or with peeling paint, walls mixed with plaster and earth.

Furniture with an emphasis on patina, natural fabrics, diffused light- all reflect the beauty of the understated.

I would be interested in hearing your observations of Wabi Inspirations.


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  1. Anxious to read this book...loving the concepts but finding these images a little stark and cool for my taste...usually love Axel's work...maybe, I just feel cold today and my eyes are searching for warmth?



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