Friday, February 4, 2011

Pompeian Colors

Rounding out the week with some lush colors from Pompei to offset all of the white stuff most of us are living with at the moment!

These photos were all taken in Pompei.

Even after two thousand years, the colors are still bold and beautiful!

 Have you been to Pompei? What is your favorite memory?



  1. Annie- I've never been to Pompei, but the colors sure gave my spirits a lift! Beautiful!


  2. Hello Annie, Never been to Pompei, but those colors are beautiful!

  3. Hello Annie so beautiful thankyou LOVE THE BLUE
    mmm my abiding memories , Ive only been twice and the size of the place is fascinating, all those narrow streets and walking into houses NOT to mention all the naughty images everywhere !! hope you get to see it soon Fay xxx

  4. It's on the list!

    Thinking of bringing some of those very lush colours into my own house at the I brave enough!?

  5. No, I have not been to Pompei - but to the Greek island Delos where still some "colors" survived.

    Will write a post sometime during this year about old frescos found in some of the Romanesque churches in our region which are stunning.

    Your pictures are wonderful, love your post's....and your feel for history!

    Have a lovely weekend - karin



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