Monday, February 7, 2011

Plum Favorites

Beginning the week with a quiet, happy start and favorites that make me smile.

A gorgeous Notre Dame de Paris wood and iron door

A custom chair by Fortuny with Barberini fabric

The Barberini fabric up close

 Some day, while visiting with my blog friends in Houston, I'll make it to see Mark Rothko's chapel!

 Have a good one!




  1. Love this Rothko Chapel!

    Very peace- and restful picture!

    Beautiful and interesting post.

    Greetings - karin

  2. Rothko is my favourite artist and I have seen a few originals now and whilest I would love to see the chapel one of my bucket list is to see the Seagram murals

  3. Yes, we will definitely show you The Rothko Chapel. My son has many many photographs of this incredible ediface, it is very important to Houston. xx's



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