Friday, February 11, 2011

Peacock Elegance

Last fall I was asked to create a tablecloth for an intimate wedding dinner at a table for forty guests. The clients had extremely discerning taste that leaned toward clean and classically contemporary. The dinner took place in a tent, following the ceremony outside under a chuppa created with branches and garden roses.
The table gradually evolved into the boat shape, beautifully curved and tapered toward each end.

To continue with the clean look, I felt that the fabric needed to hug the table curves and have interest on the table top. A patterned fabric was decided against. We chose to use silk dupioni in a gorgeous peacock color. The silk is a dream to work with, holds folds and curves perfectly to the table shape.  

I decided to provide interest by creating a basket weave pattern with the silk. A sewing machine was not even used! I cut strips of fabric, measured to coordinate with the changing table size, and wove the strips right on the table. The strips sides were folded under and ironed before the weaving.

After the basket weave was completed, I attached the full width of the fabric to the woven section and skirted the entire table to the floor. To insure that the guests wouldn't pick at and "undo" the weave, I "tacked" (with a small piece of double-sided tape for fabric)) each intersection of fabric strips. Thank goodness I did; as soon as I had finished, the client came out and test pulled at the strips to see what would happen. They stayed. 

Of course, the setting was amazing, the flowers were dazzling and the weather held out! It was one of those magical nights...

Images courtesy of New Image Photography
Floral decor and event design by Pieter Bouterse Studio

Thank you to Cindy at My Romantic Home!



  1. So clever Ann and it all looks beautiful.
    You have such patience.. and good thing.. imagine the client.. test pulling at the fabric. hahaha got to love them..

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. This is completely amazing, Annie. What an artful creation, showing how much care & love you & Pieter must put into everything you do. Just a splendid presentation, I'm sure the bridal party was totally blown away. Just beautiful. xx

  3. Thank you, Julie and Marsha!

    Pieter and I were just talking about it today- high standards and quality are rare these days. It's not always possible for artists to only do the absolute best- the market is just not there for that.




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