Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mud... Painting?

Spotted recently in two publications...

This Belgian apartment features mainly white walls in the minimalist fashion of British designer John Pawson.
He invited another Brit, artist Richard Long, to apply his artistic sense in any way he saw fit. Long has created mud paintings all over the world. He ended up bringing his own mud from the river Avon in England to get the specific color he was looking for.

Long applied the mud with only his hands, plunging them into a bucket of mud and then slapping and flicking it onto the wall. The mud provided a textured foil to the spare interior. 


The new Anthroplogie catalog also gives prominence 
to the look of mud painting.

It certainly is a dramatic look for the right space!

What do you think of the painting with mud look?



  1. Hi Annie, No thank you, not for me. Would look great on the inside wall of a hut in Africa.

  2. You have hit on the future of decorative finishes with this post! This is waaay ahead of the curve, but will definitely define the direction of decorating. I love it and have played in the mud a little myself. :)

  3. Hi Anne,
    I have seen that in Mexico before, poor people don't have money to plaster or give a finish to their walls, so what they do is make a mix of fine dirt and a lot of water and "paint" the walls with it. After a few years it cracks and falls off (there's really nothing in the mud that makes it stick to the wall) that's when they re-finish their walls with mud again.

  4. In the right space, I love it. I would definitely want to find a way to seal it though.

    Brings a whole new meaning to "slinging the mud". lol

  5. I think I'd use tan eco-plaster. Then i know it would last!




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