Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Peruvian Connection!

I am excited when each issue of the Peruvian Connection catalog arrives. Not necessarily because of the clothes, although I agree they are beautiful, but because I love to check out the photo shoot locations.

Most of the photos here are from their shoot in Prague, which is definitely on my list of places to visit. A few are from Sicily.

  They have great examples of textures, stone, 
sculptures and peeling paint.

Loving that soft blue and natural plaster...

Rust patina...

Anthroplogie is another fun catalog to check out the latest. What other catalogs inspire you?



  1. Annie! Your blog is looking SO GORGEOUS! I kept checking my sidebar to see if you have updated. I must have to change the URL because it's not registering. Soft blue and natural plaster is what I honed in on as well! You would be proud of my dining room letters I just hung. I painted them and set them out in the back yard for a few rain sessions and had the kids ride their bikes over them. The results are quite...weathered looking, yet perfect :) Nothing compared to what you can do! XX Kelly

  2. Fabulous architecture Ann
    Gee I haven't heard of this catalogue.. wish we had Anthroplogie here.. I sometimes like to peruse Toast!!! online...

    Have a lovely week.. ciao xxx Julie

    PS.. the beach/bay is just a 5 min walk from where I live.. but I do tend to do a drive past in the evening.. on way home... ciao



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