Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bed Backdrops

Looking for a bedroom wall change of pace? Instead of the traditional bed headboard, here are a few ideas to consider.

Just starting out? For those of you who are artistic, paint your backboard and while you are at it, paint in the chair too.

Isn't this a beautiful mural behind the bed? A trompe l'oeil stone panel on a stucco wall. Stunning!

If you have a favorite wallpaper, follow this room's lead and paste up a panel width as the headboard. Or choose one of the new stencils from Royal Design Studio and your bed backdrop can become a custom design by you. This way, you can not only choose a design you love, you can also choose the colors you like instead of settling for what is available. This design includes metallic and regular paint.

What have you done as a bed backdrop?



  1. Hi Annie, I have hung 2 hand carved, 9 foot antique doors from Austria behind our bed.

  2. Thank you for sharing, those are great ideas and I am in big need of a head board. Just in time!

  3. Holy moly! That trompe l'oeil stone is breathtaking! Would love that on any wall in the house!

  4. I would love to paint my own headboard, if only my landlord would approve!


  5. What creativity! I love the painted-on headboard, imagine where my opulent Italian-leaning mind would take it. Have a lovely day, Annie...



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