Sunday, January 2, 2011

Refined simplicity

It was a rare treat to spend the first day of the year quietly at home. 

We decided that this is the year to pare down, to edit and just not have as much "stuff". Tackling the first area resulted in two big bags to donate. It felt good! 

While my home won't be quite like this, I am on the way.


How about you? What are your 2011 goals?



  1. Ann isn't it a great feeling, of course I have much to do!! All the Best!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  2. I am trying to get rid of my "Stuff" as well. I need to give away, throw away so much. I've been kind of lazy about that for too many years, and the overall feeling of clutter ruins the design of any space. Now that I've moved to a new apartment, I see it without all the "stuff" and it's lovely. I got a storage space for things to sort, little by little. I don't want it to come back. :)



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