Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plum purple

Right now, I am finding the sludgy plums and purples a soothing, cozy palette. Combined with clean, soft greens (think teal and celadon) and popped with the trendy greiges, they can provide the warmth needed on cold, snowy days.

I tend to use plum and purple as an accent color rather than filling the whole room.


Can you do purple? 



  1. I love purple. I have cushions in purple. I´m going to upholster an antigue chair in purple (once I find the fabric). And my weddingdress was purple;) Purple silk with embroidery in the A-lined hem of glassbeads.

  2. Feel very attracted to purple at the moment!

  3. Nina- I'd love to see your wedding dress- it sounds wonderful!

  4. Dear Ann, I love figs and your photograph is stunning. The combinaton of that particular purple and that particular green is absolutely fascinating.

  5. Here is a link to a blogpost where I´ve added a pic. Maybe I will post some more... but at least you can see the colour:



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