Monday, January 17, 2011

My Muses and a Thank You!

Without inspirations, I wouldn't be able to do my work. I need visuals! They may change after a while, but I am usually drawn to similar things. Here are a few of my current muses.

A classically shaped plaster urn

Beautiful patinas and unique color combinations

Grottesca designs and gilding 

Sgraffito on buildings, such as this in Florence

Fine design

What are some of your muses?

I invite you to check out Regina Garay's generous blog post today over at Fauxology where she covers the groin vault ceilings that I painted. She will be reporting on groin ceilings all week- yummy! Thanks so much, Regina!



  1. My pleasure, Ann! You have inspired beautiful comments as well. BTW, I love all your inspirations -- where is that grottesca ceiling from? It's delicious!

  2. Merci, Regina.

    That is a tiny part of the ceiling on the second floor, in the main bedroom, at the Villa Farnesina, just over the Ponte Sisto and close to Campo de Fiori and a great chocolate store! ;]

    Via della Lungara 230

    Area Rome

    Transport Bus 23, 280, 780, H/tram 3, 8.

    Telephone 06 6802 7268

    Villa Farnesina website

    Open 9am-1pm Mon-Sat.

    Admission €5; €4 concessions.

  3. I´ve given you a prize on my blog;)



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