Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kitchen makeover begins

Part Two
OK, I am committing to this publicly- no backing out now!

This was my original kitchen. 50's cabinets, awful floor. You know the drill.

Seven years ago, we installed new cabinets and a ceramic tile floor, both of which we still love. We first  had our kitchen measured, sent the measurements to my brother-in-law in North Carolina and he built the cabinets for us. He had never even stepped foot in the kitchen! We drove down to North Carolina to pick them up in a truck, returning in the midst of a snowstorm (in North Carolina- Ohio was sunny) with a whole kitchen's worth of cabinets and countertops. It was a scary experience- one quick stop and we could have lost so much. Well, we made it back safely, removed the double doors from the kitchen to the back yard to just get the cabinets into the house, installed the cabinets and countertops, laid the new floor and that was it. For seven years! Life and business just got in the way. We've had no back splash, looking at primer all this time.

We have finally decided to complete our makeover! Here is where we are continuing the process from:

The cooking portion of the kitchen; see the lovely primer?

Here is the eating portion of the room. There is not much actual wall space, as there are so many windows, but the paint sure needs an update. 

As we complete the tasks, I'll share the results. The backsplash will be completed this weekend and I'll start the lime priming of the walls. We've decided to do a lime wash finish, after being inspired by Trish at Trouvais and her lovely results.

You'll know where to find me this weekend!

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  1. Wow. That is quite a before and after (especially considering the after isn't finished yet). Have a great working weekend.


  2. You have accomplished so much. What a transformation! Keep us posted!



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