Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exquisite wood... tiles?

Wood tiles, really? I had never considered tiles made out of wood before, but when I saw these, I fell in love.

When you visit the charming website of Jacqueline Moore, you can't help but be impressed. I mean you really want to see her work in person! Born and educated in Britain, her artistic talents are wide reaching and include designs on furniture, walls, cabinets, architectural pieces and tiles, as well as restoration work on treasured family pieces.

Jacqueline's compositions have been influenced by her travels and art studies. 

In 2009, after being inspired by the sight of tiles resting on the ground in the estate of Madame Ganna Walska in Montecito, she began research on creating her own tiles. She soon discovered that the medium that offered her the most possibilities was not what you'd expect. The properties of wood allowed her to use the materials she felt were necessary to convey her compositions.

When creating the wood tiles, she often lays down many layers of gesso before painting and gilding. 
Distressing layers of glazes and washes add to the incredible depth of each tile. Gold leaf and silver leaf are used extensively.

A powder room backsplash:

And a kitchen counter:

Aren't they fabulous?
Jacqueline' wood tiles can be purchased at Filmore Clark in West Hollywood, CA. Or visit Jacqueline Moore Designs.


  1. Hi Annie, I love Jacqueline's wood tiles. They are beautiful. My question: why not make them permanent? Why not use the same painting techniques but different materials and have them last several lifetimes? Some woods, especially when they are treated properly, will last. However, wooden tiles will eventually deteriorate where moisture and water and scrubbing is required.

  2. Those are fabulous! Are you going to try your hand at some?

  3. Mona- I don't have that much talent! The only person who could that I know of is Gina- and she already does beautiful ceramics!

    Gina- I am sure this is a point that Jacqueline has had to face many times. It would be interesting to check in on them after a few years to see how their actual durability is. There are very effective sealants these days; often times we are asked to do finishes in bathrooms, showers and sink areas and we always explain the possibilities to the client first.


  4. These are truly remarkable...it's hard to believe they're wood!

  5. Dear Ann, So true. There are so many excellent finishes and sealants. A superior finish Tadelakt, is used extensively in Morocco and other North African Countries. One thing is true, Jaqueline's wooden tiles are truly special and beautiful.

  6. Firstly may I issue a profound thank you Annie for this awesome write up on my wood works and tiles :) Secondly ~ may I offer my apology for not seeing this sooner and replying as it appears now so very late to this issue. Being British (I think it is because of that upbringing) I try very, very hard to follow up with people immediately and have in this past month ~ we have taken on new souls both artistic and incredibly fluid in social media. Not to be a purist, or an antique shopping artist who listens to music and paints all of the time ~ I am not the most versed in SoME and am now coming to the fore with a little more relevance and speed as my great team assists me. Today we began to really set this to task and so I see this blog (after phone calls from adored team members lead me to you) I would love to answer questions on the wood tiles and on anything else ~ be it so late in the day (proverbially speaking) but you were so eloquent and supportive and sensitive in the blog that you are clearly an artist yourself. The tiles as I am sure in your own work ~ come from a lifetime of study in both restoration and conservation and along with my brilliant team have forensically established all sorts of systems of protections and enhancements along with the avid inquiry that underpins every effort. The tiles will withstand all manner of uses and with time  I would love to talk to you more. But for now ~ and I hope you see this....want to thank you for this blog post. Very warmest ~ Jacqueline

  7. Thank you Ann and Gina and Mona :) ~ Jacqueline



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