Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pompei fragments

Pompei has always held a fascination for me. Its beauty, both now and in years past, are a constant source of inspiration.

The wonderful artists of the time were influenced by the same things that interest us now. Nature itself holds endless possibilities.

Look how current the colors are today, two thousand years later!

Please join me today over at Rose et Lis, where I am paying tribute to one of my most favorite artists ever, Marcia Myers. Her love of Pompeii was reflected in every gorgeous painting that she did.

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  1. Hi , your new look is fabulous, Shari is wonderful isnt she .I started just last week and its all very exciting LOve your colours and im crazy about pomegranates I have them around everywhere.Im rather partial to 18th century pinks which are SO current too Enjoy Fay x



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