Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Limewash + Trouvais = Walls of Beauty

I am sporting my new look! The beaucoup talented and very generous Shari (at Little Blue Deer) shared her magic with me and I'm on my way! If you'd like to share in Shari's custom blog designs, be sure to visit here. You will be so excited that you did... I am.

When I saw this photo yesterday over at Trish's sublime blog, Trouvais, I had to share. Between the perfectly imperfect limewash wall and her stunning holiday subtlety, it captivated me.

I have been delaying painting my kitchen because I haven't been able to figure out which way to go... too many choices. But, now I know! Limewash it is. Below are several examples from Trish's home and from Jermaine at the French-Kissed blog (hers is the upper left fireplace).

Trish used limewash paint from Sydney Harbour Paints.

However, as you can tell, I like color. Look for a good dose in a month or two. I'll share my progress with you.


1 comment:

  1. That is gorgeous limewash! Love the new look, too.




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