Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Gifts: Candlelight

More than at any other time of year, candlelight is key to my holiday decor. Here are three options that will go from the natural to a bit more gilt. The candles are all from the Himalayan Trading Post. The hand-poured wax mixture contains primarily soy wax with a bit of paraffin and beeswax to improve the wax hardness and burn time.            
This hand-carved mango wood candle tray contains four wicks and measures 19" x 5.5". I think I'll place it on my great room coffee table, surrounded by holly berries and greens.

My powder room will have a few of these gilt terracotta pots...

and I'll tuck these silvered glass jars in among the fresh greens on my dining table.When the dinner is over, the cute tops pop right back on 'till the next use.

If you want a fancier candle, head over to Gina's blog, Art and Alfalfa, where she shows you various possibilities for decorating candles, including applying gold leaf to your own candle. Also, visit Gina's Etsy shop, Maiolica, where you can purchase pressed flowers, ready to apply to the candles.


  1. Thank you Annie, How nice of you to mention my candles. Have a great weekend.

  2. OOH, love all of these! Have a great weekend. Mona



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